• West Sweden Variations

    What is Your Variation?




    A long and exciting journey where the
    musician Andreas Edlund and the concept
    maker Jon Liinason visit young keyboard players in all 49 municipalities in the VG region, give
    organ building workshops, and interpret
    J. S. Bach on 49 different keyboard instruments.


    Based on J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, a
    grand scale variation work is created with
    participating young musicians from West Sweden’s 49 municipalities. Jon Liinason offers organ-building workshops with a Do-organ and, under the direction of Andreas Edlund, the young musicians play different types of keyboards – organ, harpsichord, harmonium or fortepiano for example – improvising on the Goldberg theme by Bach. This takes place at 49 regional public performances of the Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach, with Andreas Edlund at the harpsichord and a local organ, which are documented in films, sounds and interviews.


    In West Sweden, there is an internationally unique presence of preserved organs and its related keyboard instruments. Each visit
    highlights a particularly interesting instrument in each municipality, which together constitute an important and multifaceted, but also
    relatively unknown cultural heritage.



    "What is your variation?"

  • Map of the 49 Municipalities in West Sweden

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    Cultural Comittee of Västra Götaland County
    The Swedish Church
  • Process film No. 7 of 49


    Variation 36
    Bengtsfors municipality
    Laxarby Church
    Host: Lena Kärnstål

    Process film: LUMIÈRE LIINASON

  • Process film No. 6 of 49


    Variation 35
    Alingsås municipality
    Christinae Church
    Music making youth: Milva, Emmie and Emil
    Host: Johanna Thür och Samuel Ekstener

    Process film: LUMIÈRE LIINASON

  • Process film No. 5 of 49

    Variation 34
    The municipality of Mariestad
    Mariestad Cathedral
    Music making youth: Arvid and Marcus
    Host: Anders Börjesson

    Process film: LUMIÈRE LIINASON

  • Process film No. 4 of 49


    Variation 33

    Partille Municipality

    Jonsered Church

    Andreas' students: Nathalie, Tove, Linn & Elias

    Process film: LUMIÈRE LIINASON

  • Process film No. 3 of 49


    Variation 32

    Mark Municipality

    Fotskäls kyrka

    Andreas' student: Joel Fransson

    Process film: LUMIÈRE LIINASON

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  • Process film No. 2 of 49


    Variation No. 31

    Öckerö Municipality

    The Culture Cube on Björkö

    Andreas' student: Zemias Abrahamsson

    Process film: LUMIÈRE LIINASON

  • Process film No. 1 of 49



    Göteborg Municipality

    Gathenhielmska huset

    Process film: LUMIÈRE LIINASON