Morning Workshops

    Monday-Friday October 16-20, 2023


    Please register for one or two of the following workshops


    1. Partimento and Liturgical Improvisation


    St. James’s Church (Sankt Jakobs kyrka) – Keyboard Instrument Collection

    Monday October 16–Tuesday October 17, 9:00–11:30


    Prelude, Interlude, Verses, using the two Swedish 18th-century sources with reference to European continental sources from the Lutheran and Catholic traditions


    Edoardo Bellotti, teacher

  • 2. Andrée, Price, Sandresky


    Vasa Church – Lundén (1909)/Rieger (2019)

    Monday October 16–Tuesday October 17, 9:00–11:30



    In this workshop, Kimberly Marshall explores music by Elfrida Andrée (Cantorgi Edition), Florence Price (ClarNan Editions), and Margaret Sandresky. (Wayne Leupold Editions)


    The Cantorgi publication of Andrée's organ music is a new edition, edited by Johan Hammarström and Jan H Börjeson, and it will be available for the festival but unfortunately not before.


    The edition by Gehrmans is available here: Part 1 Part 2


    For the repertoire of Florence Price Calvert Johnson’s edition, published by ClarNan is available here.


    For the Sandresky, the Wayne Leupold Edition is available here


    Kimberly Marshall, teacher

  • 3. North German Baroque


    Örgryte New Church – van Eeken, Yokota, Arvidsson (2000)

    Monday October 16–Wednesday October 18, 9:00–11:30



    17th-century North German organ repertoire on the North German Baroque Organ in Örgryte New Church.


    Heinrich Scheidemann: any Magnificat setting, of choice; In dich hab’ ich gehoffet, Herr (WV9)


    Dieterich Buxtehude: Praeludium in C (BuxWV 137), Praeludium in C (BuxWV 138), Praeludium in F (BuxWV 145), Praeambulum in a (BuxWV 158), Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist (BuxWV 208), Vater unser in Himmelreich (BuxWV 219), Von Gott will ich nicht lassen (BuxWV 220), Wie schön leuchtet (BuxWV 223), Canzonetta in G (BuxWV 171)


    Georg Böhm: Auf meinen lieben Gott


    Johann Nicolaus Hanff: Auf meinen lieben Gott


    Nicolaus Bruhns: Praeludium in G


    William Porter, teacher

  • 4. Max Reger


    Vasa Church – Lundén (1909)/Rieger (2019)

    Wednesday October 18–Friday October 20, 9:00–11:30



    The focus of this workshop is the collection op. 59, which has the largest variety of small musical forms, and allows the most concise explanation of essential performance parameters. If participants want to present other, particularly larger pieces, they should announce this well ahead of time to allow other participants to bring the respective scores.


    Ludger Lohman, teacher

  • 5. Women composers from the 19th-21st centruries


    Wednesday October 18–Friday October 20, 9:00–11:30

    Bethlehem Church - Hammarberg (1967), October 18

    Örgryte New Church - Willis (1871), October 19-20


    This workshop focuses on outstanding music by women composers from the 19th–21st centuries.



    Elizabeth Stirling

    6 Pedal Fugues, etc (IMSLP)


    Judith Bingham

    St. Bride, Assisted by Angels; Meine Seel' erhebt den Herren, etc (Peters)


    Jeanne Demessieux

    Te Deum; 12 Preludes on Gregorian chant themes (Durand, IMSLP)


    Sofia Gubaidulina

    Hell und Dunkel (Sikorski)


    Nadia Boulanger

    Trois improvisations (IMSLP)


    Ethel Smyth

    Chorale preludes (IMSLP)


    Clara Schumann

    Three Preludes and Fugues, Op. 16 (IMSLP)


    Cecilia McDowall

    Celebration; Church bells beyond the stars; O antiphons (Oxford)


    Anne Laver and Annette Richards, teachers

  • 6. Pachelbel and Fischer


    St. James’s Church (Sankt Jakobs kyrka) – Keyboard Instrument Collection

    Thursday October 19–Friday October 20, 9:00–11:30



    Johann Pachelbel

    Hexachordum Apollinis (1699)


    Johan Caspar Ferdinand Fischer

    Musikalischer Parnassus Musico-Organisticus (c. 1738)


    Edoardo Bellotti and Joel Speerstra, teachers