Morning Workshops 2024

    Monday October 14 – Friday October 18, 9.00–11.30





    I-1. North German Baroque:

    Bine Bryndorf

    October 14-15, 2024



    Örgryte New Church

    North German Baroque Organ (GOArt: Arvidsson/van Eeken/Yokota 2000)


    Henrich Scheidemann (1595-1663):

    Intabulations (free choice)


    Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707):

    Chorale fantasias and chorale preludes (free choice)

  • I-2. Johann Sebastian Bach:

    David Higgs and William Porter

    October 14-16, 2024



    Backa Church

    Söderling organ (1868/Åkerman & Lund 1994)


    Selected free and/or chorale-based works chosen by the active participants of this workshop. Please register and submit CV at your earliest convenience and no later than July 1 with a suggestion for repertoire.


    Active participants are selected and contacted by July 15. Final decisions regarding choice of repertoire will be made by August 31.


    Please note that active participants in this workshop will be able to join the workshops for the second half of the week, from October 17.

  • II-1. German Romantic Music of the 19th Century

    Nathan Laube

    October 16-18, 2024



    Vasa Church

    Lundén organ (Lundén 1909/Grönlund 2002/Rieger 2019) and Marcussen organ in the Haga Church (Marcussen 1861 /Åkerman & Lund 2004)









  • II-2. Improvisation: Craft versus Creativity?

    Sietze de Vries

    October 16-18, 2024



  • II-3. Contemporary Music of Britain & North America

    Anne Laver and Annette Richards

    October 16-18, 2024




    Örgryte New Church

    Willis (1871)


    Bethlehem Church

    Hammarberg (1968)


    Vasa Church

    Lundén (1909)


    This workshop highlights contemporary composers who have taken a compositional journey with the organ, writing multiple pieces for the instrument over the course of their careers.


    The following suggested repertoire will be included in a shared drive that students can utilize under the educational fair use policy.


    We strongly encourage students to support these composers by purchasing their own scores for pieces they intend to perform. Students may also prepare pieces by these composers that do not appear on the list.


    Cecilia McDowall

    O Antiphon Sequence


    Judith Weir

    Tree of Peace

    The Trees Unfold


    Judith Bingham

    Ancient Sunlight

    Annunciation IV


    Emma Lou Diemer

    Valet will ich dir geben from Three Fantasies on Advent Hymns

    Psalm 61 and Psalm 103 from Psalms for Organ


    Rachel Laurin

    Étude Héroïque

    Scherzo from Organ Symphony no. 1

    Soliloquy from Twelve Short Pieces, volume 2


    The workshop will also introduce some of these composers’ anthems for choir and organ.


    Download scores (PDF)

  • II-4. Frescobaldi: Capricci (1624)

    Scheidt: Tabulatura Nova (1624)

    Edoardo Bellotti and Joel Speerstra

    October 16-18, 2024


    Örgryte New Church

    North German Baroque Organ (GOArt: Arvidsson/van Eeken/Yokota, 2000) The Göteborg Baroque Claviorganum (Arvidsson, 2019)


    Girolamo Frescobaldi

    (Ed. Suvini-Zerboni, Darbellay; or Ed. Il Levante, Carideo)


    From Capricci (1624)

    • Capriccio I ut re mi fa sol la
    • Capriccio II la sol fa mi re ut
    • Capriccio III sopra il cucho


    From Fiori Musicali (1635)

    • Bergamasca


    Samuel Scheidt

    From Tabulatura Nova (1624)

    (Ed. Breitkopf, Vogel)


    • Fantasia ut re mi fa sol la
    • Toccata in te Domine speravi
    • Fantasia in a
    • Echi ad manuale duplex


    From manuscripts

    (Ed. Breitkopf, Dirksen)

    • Bergamasca