• Go Bach to Sleep

    – A Serene Listening Experience for the Organ

    A relaxing listening experience for the organ and its related keyboards, meticulously crafted to make the world of organs accessible – a world of tactile passion and new sounds!



    We introduce Go Bach to Sleep, a national Swedish organ culture outreach initiative, developed under the leadership of Jon Liinason, and overseen by the Göteborg International Organ Academy. This endeavor is made possible through the generous support of the Västra Götaland region and the Church of Sweden, conducted within the framework of Organister i framkant.


    The documentary Go Bach to Sleep - a moment of rest in music, with a total duration of 57 minutes, commences with a 12-minute introduction. Here, Jon Liinason engages in a discussion with harpsichordist and organist Andreas Edlund. The discourse delves into the origins of this unique organ format, exploring how it can serve to lower barriers to appreciating the organ as a musical instrument, the church as a sacred space, and the music performed on the organ. This, in turn, serves to attract entirely new audience demographics.



    The central part of the film, spanning 45 minutes, invites you to embark on a tranquil musical journey through three distinct segments:




    To fall asleep

    To dream

    To quietly waking up




    ...and presents the following world-unique, well-preserved Swedish historical organ instruments:




    Organ by Johan Niclas Cahman (1728)




    Organ by Pehr Schiörlin (1790)




    Organ by Pehr Schiörlin (1806)




    Organ by Johan Nikolaus Söderling (1874)




    Organ by Pehr Schiörlin (1794)




    Organ by Johan Niclas Cahman (1704)





    Warm thanks!

    We extend our profound gratitude to the church musicians from the aforementioned locations who graciously welcomed us and enthusiastically collaborated in this organ outreach project.