• Tiny Bach Concerts Episode 19



    J. S. Bach, Ciaccona from Violin Partita No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004/4
    Transcribed for clavichord by Edoardo Bellotti and Harald Vogel


    Lecture and Performance: Joel Speerstra


    Clavichord by Joel Speerstra and Per-Anders Terning, a research copy of the 1765 C. G. Friederici clavichord in the Leipzig University Instrument museum. Unfretted, FF to f’’' Built in Gothenburg in 2012.


    Recorded August 23, 2023
    St. Clement Church, Laholm, Sweden
    Videography: LUMIÈRE LIINASON, Jon Liinason


    This recording was made possible by the generosity of the Swedish Research Council and the Göteborg International Organ Academy.


    Tiny Bach Concerts is sponsored by the Ruth and Noel Monte Fund. Ruth and Noel Monte were deeply devoted to Bach and his music, sensing its great impact on the human brain and culture throughout the world. To them, Bach represents a bright planet appearing in the sky only once, requiring centuries for the human mind to observe and fully comprehend. The Monte Fund has the goal of supporting and promoting this living musical treasure for present and future generations.


    Joel Speerstra, University of Gothenburg Faculty Page


    American Bach Society