• Saturday Music in Haga Church

    Organ Fairy Tale “David and Goliath”

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    SATURDAY October 10, 2020 at 14:00 &

    SATURDAY October 10, 2020 at 14:45


    The Organ Fairy Tale of David and Goliath

    (For children up to 10 years, held in Swedish)


    Pia Brinkman Stenhede, recorder
    Ulrika Davidsson, organ and harpsichord
    Tore Sunesson, voice


    A dramatization of the exciting story about the little shepherd boy David and his fight aganist the great warrior Goliath. A performance comprising theatre, song, music and a dialogue with the children. Themes include: family, relationships, finding one’s place in the world, problematizing the concept of power and strength.

    The music reinforces the drama, oscillating between different moods. It creates, for instance, an atmosphere of peace, when David, unworried, tends his little sheep, and, by contrast, big drama when Goliath brandishes his weapons and the fight between the two is illustrated. In the end, however, it all turns out well. Music by Bach, Telemann, Pachelbel Kuhnau and Laleh.


    Admission free, subject to availability

    No tickets needed



    SATURDAY October 17, 2020 at 14:00


    (Held in English)


    "The Seal and the Sea Turtle”

    Music and Fairy Tales for the DO-organ

    Erland Hildén and Simon Konkoli, organ
    Despina Moysidou, bellow treader


    ERLAND HILDÉN (b. 1963)

    Organ Fairy Tale: The Seal and the Sea Turtle (text by Despina Moysidou)


    PART 1 (DEL 1)
    The shining city (Den skinande staden)
    The garbage keeps piling up (Mer och mer skräp samlas)
    The seal and the sea turtle have a happy reunion (Kärt möte mellan sälen och sköldpaddan)
    They go swimming (Simturen)
    What shall we do about all the garbage? (Vad ska vi ta oss till med allt skräp?)
    Dolphin mystique beeps and whistles angrily (Den mystiska delfinen piper och visslar upprört)
    Whale Whaldimir’s sorrowful tone (Valen Hvaldimirs sorgsna ton)
    The sea eagle Harry Boomerang screams angrily (Havsörnen Harry Bumerang skriar argt)
    The whales’ song of sorrow (Valarnas sorgesång)
    The applause (Applåderna)
    The tunafish march (Tonfiskarnas marsch)
    The fish catch (Fångsten)
    The shocking dinner from our plastic ocean (Middagschocken från vårt plastfyllda hav)


    PART 2 (DEL 2)
    The shinning ocean/Seal’s dream (Det skinande havet/Sälens dröm)
    The healing of the oceans/Sea turtle’s dream (Världshaven helas/Sköldpaddans dröm)
    Happy meeting with the liberator (Kärt möte med befriaren)
    The second swim (Andra simturen)
    The dolphin mystique beeps briskly (Den mystiska delfinen piper piggt)
    Whale Whaldimir’s happy tone (Valen Valdimirs glada ton)
    The sea eagle and the seagulls’ fiery speech (Havsörnens och måsarnas upphetsade tal)
    The stingrays' song of hope (Rockornas hoppfulla sång)
    The Syrtaki dance (Den grekiska dansen syrtaki)
    People are picking up garbage and are changing their habits (Människorna plockar skräp och ändrar sina vanor)
    Our clean ocean (Vårt rena hav)






    Admission free, subject to availability

    Max 50 people

    No tickets needed