• Church Musician's Day

    Monday October 16 2023, 09:30–16:00

    Vasa Parish Hall

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    Meet Lydia Vroegindeweij,

    creator of Orgelkids and the Do-organ


    The Gothenburg International Organ Festival invites the Göteborg diocese church musicians to a continuing education day.


    How can we develop our collaboration with nearby schools to let more children meet the organ and experience its magnificence, technically and musically? Lydia Vroegindeweij is returning to the education day this year. Lydia is a Dutch educator, theologian, publisher and brainchild. Lydia's love for the organ instrument has become a project that has allowed thousands of children around the world to meet the organ instrument through the small fully functional organ building kit DO organ.


    The DO organ can be used for more! Lydia has designed ten activities and project proposals to be used in the meeting with a group of children together with the DO organ, educational plans that have now been translated into Swedish. During the day, we get to know some of these arrangements more closely and get to immerse ourselves in the pedagogy of the DO organ.


    During the day we also visit Hagakyrkan for one of the Gothenburg International Organ Festival's concerts.

    The training day is organized in collaboration between the Gothenburg International Organ Festival and the Diocese of Gothenburg.


    The course day is held in English.



    SEK 700

    Lunch and coffee included



    Feel free to contact parish musician Ulrika Melin Lasson. Ulrika works with continuing education for church musicians as well as recruitment, training and contact with future church musicians and other church workers. She also works with worship issues together with the diocesan assistant professor for worship development. 20% of her service is assigned to Gothenburg's cathedral congregation.


    Direct telephone: 031-771 30 11

    Email: ulrika.melin-lasson@svenskakyrkan.se



    Register here by September 25, 2023.


    Warm welcome!